Open Source Hardware & my and your Freedom! #5 My Space To Think & Play

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This is the fifth posting in a series about open source hardware & freedom. It is an additional one, called “My Space To Think”

My Space To Think & Play

While writing and publishing the series about open source hardware and freedom ideas kept coming to me. During the process I discovered, that for me personally open source hardware provides something very interesting and beautiful on top to the other things I already wrote about: It gives me a space to think and to play towards a new economy.

Why a space to think?

I like it as a space to think because it allows thoughts and perspectives that I can believe in.

Open sourcing physical objects is not an utopia demanding a quick revolution for immediate change. It is not asking for riots, blood, prompt breaks, turn arounds or decapitations. It is not aggressive and free of discrimination and unavoidable ideology. There is no oversimplifying things. I don’t believe in this things as strategies for change that I can (or want!) push forward. Weiterlesen

Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom #4 Gender Balance

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This is Posting No 4 in a series about open source hardware & freedom called “Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom.” This episode is called “Gender Balance”.

Gender Balance

In this episode I don’t have much to say myself. I only have questions. And maybe this text finds its way to some people, who really know their way around the subject, and I get some answers. Send me answers.

I had the idea for this posting while planning a session about “open source hardware and gender balance” for a barcamp/unconference called “woman know your limits” – a queer_feministic barcamp on all sorts of queer and feministic subjects and critique to discrimination. Unfortunately I did not make it to the unconference. But this is what I would have said in the session:

Hi Weiterlesen

Open Standards in the Packaging Industry / Offene Standards in der Verpackungsindustrie

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by Sam Muirhead & Lars Zimmermann, (Crosspost)

In our Open It Agency we are putting together a task force on open source and packaging, made up of people working in Open Source, the packaging industry, Eco-design and similar fields. We want to bring Open Source into the packaging industry in order to design and organize ecofriendly, sustainable, recyclable, regenerative or cradle to cradle packaging. Which promising strategies from the open source ecosystem can be adapted in a financially sustainable way for packaging manufacturers, while also being ecologically sustainable?

osp 4a

Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom #3 Sustainability & Global Equality

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This is Posting No 3 of 4 in a series about open source hardware & freedom called “Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom!” This episode is about “Sustainability & Global Equality”.

Sustainability & Global Equality

As I have pointed out several times already and will do so further: Open sourcing hardware and products is very promising for the development of a sustainable economy. And a sustainable economy can give us a lot of freedom.

With public building plans things can become more long-lasting because it is easier to repair them or reuse/repurpose (hack) them or to add new features to them. Open objects tend to educate people and allow them to build deeper connections to their environment – to engage responsibly, caring and creative with the things and structures around them. If it is transparent how something was made, it becomes easier to Weiterlesen

Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom #2 The Problems with Non-Commercial and “Not-For-Profit”

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This is Posting Number 2 out of 4 in a series about open source hardware & freedom called “Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom.” This episode is about: The Problem with Non-Commercial and “Not-For-Profit”

The Problem with Non-Commercial and “Not-For-Profit”

Recently some people sended me this text of Michel Bauwens called “Why We Need a New Kind of Open Cooperativism for the P2P Age”. I’ve read it and wasn’t very happy about some things in it and I like to share some of my thoughts here why.

There is a lot where I could start from but I pick this quote:

Open Source Hardware & my & your Freedom #1 To Control your Technology

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This is the first Posting out of four in a series about open source hardware & freedom called “Open Source Hardware & My & Your Freedom.” It is about “The Freedom To Control Your Technology”.


There is one thing I come more and more to understand. And this is how much I love Freedom.

Open source hardware is what I work most of my time recently. It is an important way for me to connect to the world. And this is a perfect expression of my love for freedom. Open source hardware works for freedom on so many levels. And I decided to write this series to explain the different aspects, make them visible and to search for ways to develop them. And to defend it! Below you find the first episode called “Freedom to Control your Technology”.

The freedom to control your technology

„Open source hardware gives people the freedom to control their technology…“ This is how the fourth sentence of the open source hardware definition starts. Lets get into this a little.

Recently Weiterlesen

Open Source Hardware & Gift Economy

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Summary: Open Source Hardware works like gift-economy in some ways. Gift-Economy means to give something away without expecting something back directly. It is in some situations a valid way to grow wealth for groups as well as for individuals. But to make this work really well for oshw we have to work on better communication & exchanging (documentation) methods.

I like to share one more of my recent insights concerning the economy(ies) of open source hardware and openness.

Anot-shoppingt 7Linden Victor, with whom i had also another interessting discussion, pointed out on some occasion the non-shopping list picture and he also said that couchsurfing is gift-economy. And I thought: yes, „Open things can use other economy systems.“

What is gift economy? „A gift economy is a mode of exchange where valuables are not sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards.“ Imagine you as a part of a prehistoric group of individuals something around 20 or 30. Every time you have something you give it away to others, just without expecting something back for it. This is a powerful way to ensure your survival, because when everybody does the same it means you will always have something. The whole group stays Weiterlesen

The Open Platform Design Flowchart – Mapping out your OS-Project as a Platform

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The posting is a about a tool that helps you to rethink and redesign your product or project as a platform – while going open source. And find your business model.

Some weeks ago i stumbled upon the work of Simone Cicero. Simone is a strategist and writes about open source hardware. While reading some of his stuff i really builded a connection to the point of view, that open things are often likely to be seen and developed as a platform. This is of course very important when it comes to business models. So there was definitely something to add to the open source hardware business model matrix. I worked my way through Simones work and ended up with creating a little tool i like to share here.

The Tool is now part of the „Business Models for Open Source Hardware & Open Design“ page. Please study it there. But i also mirrored the current description here, because everything will develope and change probably soon. So this is my archive for vs 0.2 Weiterlesen

Open Value Networks: A scary Panopticon for Makers?

At the OuiShare Fest in Paris i saw a talk by Tiberus Brastaviceanu that really scared the hell out of me. The talk was about a project called the Sensorica Open Value Network.

A few days later i found a TED talk about it that almost got me started with a blogpost. Today i am at the Ecovillage 7 Linden where i met Victor (who was also at OuiShare Fest), he spoke about the sensorica project as a supporter and now i really have to write this post.

To defend.


One scary version of transparency

There is still a little chance, that i understood everything wrong – hopefully. In that case this blogpost marks down what a network like this in my opinion never should become.

What is Sensorica? The builders have Weiterlesen

JekyllBootstrap worth looking at for IPO?


(This post is part of the IPO OSHW-Documentation Project)

Last week I met with a friend of mine – Michael Hülfenhaus (@zero2012). He is a programmer, big data specialist and computational linguist and he knows about our OSHW-documentation project – IPO. He talked to me for two hours showing me solutions that are already there and he thought could fit perfectly. Unfortunately – I am not a very technical person – I think I understood much less than half of it.

But I share, what he was telling me respectively what I gathered from it here, because I had the feeling, he is on to something. Maybe others will understand it better and can use it for experiments.

What he was pointing to most of the time was:


Which is a combination from Weiterlesen

Decentralization Explained: An Open Event Calender System

(This post is a part of the OSHW-Documentation Project)

At OuiShare Fest i discussed with Josef Kreitmayer an online event calender.  I post a sketch of our idea here to explain how a decentralized – shareconomy – web tool could look like and work. Decentralized systems are important for the whole open source hardware world so there is my reason to do this. The idea is up for grabs. As an part time event organizer i am really in need of such a system but not interessted in building it. So please dear startup pioneers …

dc-post pic 2b


OPENiT Festival Recipe / Rezept Vs 0.9


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I am going to Paris tomorrow to present the OPENiT-„City Hacking“-„Guerilla“-„An open source festival organized like a Flashmob“-Festival at the OuiShare Fest 2014. And great timing for that: Tada! The Recipe/the Instructions for the Festival is out. It is version 0.9 and only available in german right now. Sorry for that, but if you are really curious an internet-translator might help. You can find and download everything on the Website of our Open It Agency. With the Agency we intend to bring the OPENiT Festival to other places and communities in the future. Spread the word. (As usual there is also a copy of the text at the end of this page.)

Update: There is a video of the ouishare presentation:

See the keynote slideshow here <

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3 Prinzipien OPENiT Festival


OWi is new

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Open Regenerative Design

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Hey, OWi has a new webpage and collaboration concept. It is still fresh and a lot is left to do. But have a look. I made GIFs to illustrate the Mission Statement using the pictures from the old Lego Spot (scroll down). The GIFs are also below with some quotes from the mission statement. For the full mission statement visit the OWi page. And consider to become a part of the project ;-)

Open Source Hardware Documentation Project #2: A SHARED GRID (introducing IPO)

IPO Post 0 (small)

(This post is part of an OSHW DOCU Project)

Last week i met Jérémy Bonvoisin. Jeremy is researching at the IWF in Berlin on IT-solutions for documenting and collaboration on open design. We talked only for a minute but he said something really interessting. „Open structures“ he said „that ist he only guy who really has a model for open collaboration.“ He would have probably explained this, if we had more time.

Open Structures Screenshot 2But, Yeah! I like that thought. Open Structures is: „a modular construction model where everone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid. It initiates a kind of collaborative Meccano to which everbody can contribute parts, components and structures.“

A shared grid. (!)

The Input-Process-Output model i want to promote and experiment in my open-source-hardware-documentation and collaboration project has similar qualities.

The idea is Weiterlesen

Open Source Hardware Documentation Project #1: ASSUMPTIONS

(This is part of my open source hardware documentation project.)

 I was planning to present this in a video. I prepared everything 6 months ago. But as everything developes fast paced and there is no time to produce the video i decided to publish it as text. The text was made to be spoken. So this explains the rhythm.


Slideshow Images for half the video: On SlideShare, Download as PDF



Hi, iam Weiterlesen

„Der Zauberer von OS“

Hab vor ein paar Tagen erfahren, wir (Sam & ich) waren beim Bayrischen Rundfunk – ein längeres Feature über Open Source Hardware mit Interviews mit uns. Der Teil zu mir heißt „Der Zauberer von OS“ :-). Hab es selbst noch nicht gehört, aber bin gespannt.

Lars Zimmermann, Bild von Christoph Gurk, BR_ Screenshot

Hier ist der Link zum Radiofeature. Nur Icke. Wir alle.

Der Journalist dahinter ist Christoph Gurk. Er hat auch einen Artikel für die Printausgabe von „Die Zeit“ geschrieben. Der Link zur Zeit folgt.

Bild von Christoph Gurk, Lizenz unbekannt


ein Debattenbeitrag

Mucha 1:4

In Berlin ist Gentrifizierung. Das ist auch kein Wunder. Wie mir weitaus weitgereistere Menschen als ich immer wieder versichern, ist Berlin gegenwärtig die beste Stadt der Welt. Und mir gelingt es, das zu glauben, angesichts all der Großartigkeiten die mir hier fortdauernd vor die Füße fallen. Das zieht alle Welt an und es gibt Gentrifizierung. Das bringt Probleme mit sich. Und ein Feindbild sind: die Hipster!

Das Lustige am Phänomen Hipster bzw. diesem Feindbild aber ist, es Weiterlesen