Your Freedom To Wear It


I am going to present my series on open source hardware & freedom at the Wear It Festival Berlin in the context of wearable electronics. The festival is initiated by Thomas (Trafo Pop) and other great people. For my talk I made this picture while brainstorming.

WEAR YOUR FREEDOM 1, by Lars Zimmermann, CC-BY-4:0
Context: To Control Your Technology
Wear It Poster
Wear It


The talk got cancelled, they decided to go only with tinkerers and not thinkers. Which isn’t a good decision i think. Would have been fun to do the talk. I planned to show this picture and this one for example and tell a lot of stories, that are true already reaching from big data experiments to ... Maybe some other time.

Announcement of the talk:


Are you stupid or smart wearing it? Will you be its slave or its master? A puppet on a string? What is it, you are saying and who are you talking to? Democracy or Surveillancy? Do you have wings on your back or a receiver to remote control you? To control or to be controlled?

In this talk we talk about open source wearable technology vs. closed source wearable technology, freedom vs. being controlled. We will explore the question of who is in control of your body and we will try to get a glimpse of the  future of our democracy.


Thomas made a colored version of my little sketch :-)

WYF by Lars Zimmermann and Thomas Gnahm

And here a solution ;-). Find the difference.

WEAR YOUR FREEDOM 2, by Lars Zimmermann, CC-BY-4:0

The drawings made by me are CC-BY
The other pictures are by Thomas Gnahm

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